A Ralph's Pharmacy in Olympia, as well as two other pharmacies, have asked the Supreme Court to review it's decision that forces such outfits to dispense 'morning after' Plan B birth control. These particular pharmacies oppose it, saying it's a form of abortion. It's opposed for religious and theological reasons.

In 2012, the Washington State Supreme Court overturned a Federal ruling that allowed pharmacies to refuse to dispense the drugs on grounds of religious opposition. Plan B has a high dose of the medicine found in regular birth control bills, and is often taken the day after sexual activity to prevent pregnancy. The Federal ruling said forcing such dispensing violated the religious rights of the pharmacies.

Many religious groups, doctors and pharmacists believe it's the equivalent of abortion, because Plan B can basically 'abort' or thwart a fertilized female egg from growing into a baby-hence it's being referred to as the "morning after" pill.

The papers were filed with the court in Olympia, no word on how the court may rule on this one, or even if they will review their decision.

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