In the wake of the stunning series of videos showing evidence that Planned Parenthood was engaged in illegal selling of aborted fetal body parts for profits (against Federal law), a group of Washington state legislators are demanding an investigation into the group in our state. But they're not stopping there.

According to information released by the Family Policy Institute of Washington, a faith-based pro-life group, these officials are also calling for the state to cease it's funding of the embattled organization.

Last week, 7 legislators demanded Washington state stop using taxpayer money to fund Planned Parenthood.  In the current budget just passed, it's estimated $50 million will be used to help fund the group.

Now, 34 legislators have sent a letter to Attorney General Bob Ferguson asking he investigate the Washington state branch, to see if they've been engaging in the same illegal practices shown on videos shot by the Center for Medical Progress.

The videos show shocking details about discussions with Planned Parenthood officials, including their chief medical official, about the group selling aborted fetal body parts for profit.  While such body parts are commonly donated for medical research, stem-cell work and more, it's against federal law to sell them for even a penny.

The videos have cast the group in a very controversial light, and touched off a storm of discussion about what many believe to be an out-of-control, politically motivated organization that has been engaging in illegal, and sometimes immoral, activities.

These legislators frown upon taxpayer budget money being used to support a group that many don't agree with for philosophical and religious reasons.

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