Some people might have misinterpreted some information posted by the City about this weeks council meeting and activities.

The Walla Walla City Council Tuesday issued a statement on their Facebook page, countering rumors the city was going to adopt a Seattle-style vaccination card policy. People would have to show proof of vaccination to dine out, go to movies, shopping etc etc like King County.

The statement from the Walla Walla City Council read in part as follows:

"We have received a number of emails and calls regarding a rumor being spread on social media that the mayor and/or City Council are planning to require residents to be vaccinated for COVID-19 in order to "do anything in the city of Walla Walla." Simply put, this rumor is false."

The council went on to say some of their meeting activities will be examining Biden's Federal vaccine mandate. City and County officials are looking over Biden's mandate for vaccination for businesses of 100 persons or more. They went on to say, referring to a presentation they had:

"The presentation includes information on the vaccination rate of City employees; provides an update on OSHA's rule-making following President Biden's executive order regarding vaccination requirements for employers with more than 100 employees; and discusses the potential effects if the City — as an employer — were to be included in the executive order."

There are many businesses in our area of 100 persons or more who will have to navigate this mandate, however, the legal challenges are piling up faster than a discarded pile of chicken wings during a Monday Night Football game in a sports bar.

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But again, Walla Walla is not going to pass or enact a Seattle-style vaccination-proof program. And that comes from the council.

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