Using a ruse associated with a money wire transfer, these two stole $2300 from the Pasco Walmart.

 Suspect skims money off the bottom of stack

Back on April 27th, these two 'magicians' were doing a money wire transfer at the Pasco Walmart, for $5300. Most likely sending it out of the country.

After the cashier counted it out, the guy in the blue Levi's shirt asked for it back so he could recount it himself.  However, taking advantage of the clerk turning their attention away for a second, he skimmed $2300 off the bottom of the pile of money before handing it back.

 Sadly, the cashier did not re-re-count the cash

The worker did not count the money again after it was given to her, and likely didn't know the theft had occurred until the till came up short during a shift change or end of the day.

Fortunately, the entire episode was captured on clear surveillance video, part of which is where they got this image.

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