Almost everyone sets a New Year's Resolution to drop a few pounds.  Do it the smart way!

Every time we wake up, it seems we hear of a new "miracle" diet that some celebrity is pushing, claiming they lost weight with it.

You probably know most of them are ineffective or just plain frauds.   Many fail because they don't utilize actual methods that are proven to lose pounds. Some are unhealthy because of the food imbalances you're required to take in, and some are actually dangerous.   Here's a list of five actual celebrity diets you should probably avoid:

  • The Beatherian Diet - Michelle Pfeiffer admitted in an interview earlier this fall she was involved in a group who utilized what some call a "cult" diet.   This diet is similar to Madonna's reported regiment of gulping in huge lungfuls of air to try to feel full, rather than eat!   But obviously, air is not a nutrient (although we need it to survive) and you deprive your body of the nutrients it needs to run.
  • Biotyping - Former pop star Boy George claims this diet helped him lose weight.  It involves eating certain types of foods that will supposedly spot-reduce areas of fat in your body. News flash - pages and pages of research have proven there's NO such thing as spot reducing. When you lose weight, it's from everywhere.
  • The Gluten-Free Diet - Many people are thrilled they can enjoy some of their favorites foods that are now offered as being gluten-free because they're allergic to the compound.  But don't listen to stars like Gwyneth Paltrow who went on the gluten-free diet.  If not carefully monitored, many gluten-free products can actually cause you to GAIN weight.
  • Drunkorexia Diet - No, this isn't a joke.  Leave it to the train wreck known as Lady Gaga, who claims (and former managers and associates verify this) she often works "drunk."  In a 2011 interview she said she drinks whiskey and stuff while working, it fills her up and dulls her appetite.  But alcohol is empty calories and often leaves you craving greasy fatty foods due to the hangover.
  • The Dukan Diet - Reportedly endorsed and utilized by Jennifer Lopez and Kate Middleton, this complicated high protein - no carb diet actually warns it's users (in the fine print)  it can leave you constipated, lacking energy, and gives you bad breath.  Plus, like many fad diets, as soon as you go off the plan, you gain back the weight you lost.

The best solution?  Consult your doctor for the safest, most effective way to lose weight.  Sure, it costs an office visit. But if you want to lose pounds, and keep theme off, why not trust the advice of a trained medical expert, instead of some celebrity who probably never even went to college?


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