According to Kennewick school district officials, the huge boulder was moved to a location behind the school so it would be more accessible to students and athletic facilities. But is that the real reason?  Even from a Google Earth photo, the colors on the rock at that time are still very visible.
  As of this week, the large, often painted boulder located on Northeast corner of the grounds on Southridge Boulevard is now on the backside of the school at the tennis courts, by the student parking. Previously, it was in full view of anyone driving by or entering the main parking lot.

School officials say it was to make it more accessible, but now unless you turn and go into the parking lot, you can't really see it. According to, the spirit rock was painted with a homophobic slur and a swastika. Within a few days the rock was moved.

Over the last year, spirit rocks were painted with pro-LBGTQ pride messages, but were then sprayed over with what officials said were "straight pride" messages. No word if any other schools are considering relocating their Spirit Rocks.

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