Bob Ferguson has filed a "friend of the court brief" in the case of Texas suing the Obama Administration over violating federal laws pertaining to his use of power when it comes to immigration.

In short,  Ferguson has pledged that if asked,  the Washington state Attorney General's office will provide legal and logistical support to Attorney General Eric Holder and the Obama Administration.

In December 2014,  Texas Governor-elect Greg Abbot announced his state was suing the federal government over Obama's recent actions on immigration. 17 states have joined the suit,  asking the court to declare Obama's deferred action programs illegal.

The suit says Obama has violated the Constitution and the Administrative Procedures Act by extending programs that defer action action against illegals here in the U.S.   The suit also mentions Obama's own previous quotes alluding to him not having the powers of a king, and how he can't just "make up laws by himself."  But he has turned around and used Executive Orders and other administrative tools to essentially do just that.

According to the National Journal:

"The lawsuit asks a south Texas U.S. District Court to declare the president's deferred action programs illegal, arguing that Obama overstepped the bounds of his authority. "This lawsuit is not about immigration," reads the official complaint. "It is about the rule of law, presidential power, and the structural limits of the U.S. Constitution."


Ferguson, in filing the friend of the court brief,  is saying he agrees legally with the actions of the administration, and is prepared to offer legal assistance even though Washington state is not part of the lawsuit.

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