Early Sunday morning, Pasco and Kennewick CAT (Criminal Apprehension Team) detectives spent some time chasing a determined suspect before he was finally apprehended.

Around 1:16am, Officer Matt Griffin of the Pasco PD was pulling over a small red pickup driven by a man, who'd been driving recklessly and speeding, near 8th. and Clark.

However, the driver refused to stop, sped off toward Lewis and then onto the Blue Bridge heading up into Kennewick towards Yelm and the Kennewick Highlands. However, the left rear tire blew out, he spun around and was facing the wrong way, but that didn't stop him.

He sped down the highway a short distance, then fled the truck and ran towards Columbia Drive. Kennewick officers joined the chase, and Miguel A. Barrigan was finally taken down. The reason for him likely fleeing was he had outstanding warrants.  He's in the Franklin County jail now, and safely off the road.

This video, courtesy of the Pasco Police Department, details some of the chase. Watch the truck spin around, and head straight back past the police car in the wrong lane.

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