Pasco City mobile readerboard (Townsquare media)
Pasco City mobile readerboard (Townsquare media)

Back on March 24, we ran a website news story about officials cautioning people NOT to flush their wipes, paper towels, and other TP 'alternatives' because eventually they would start clogging sewer and septic systems.

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Now that the COVID-19 toilet paper 'scare' is winding down, we're seeing evidence of issues.  Recent news stories from various officials show pipes clogged with wet plugs of wipes and other materials. They have to be dug out, and screens scraped and pumps cleaned.

Now as of Tuesday April 7, the City of Pasco has put up flashing reader boards like the one pictured in our video, reminding people not to flush the wipes, save the pipes, etc.   We saw this one on the way to work Tuesday.

So, please don't flush them. As for those folks who may be limited on TP, and HAVE to use other methods, we can think of some ideas for how to dispose of, but they're not the most pleasant.  Just don't do anything that would jeopardize anyone's health. Really!

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