This sounds like something I might see on one of my favorite true crime shows on Investigation Discovery. By the way, if you like those kinds of shows, and don't have cable like me, it's only $5 a month to add the Investigation Discovery app to your smart TV or Fire Stick. There are other options too, like True Crime Files. I have them both LOL. So when my wife isn't watching Grey's Anatomy or Fixer Upper, you can bet I'm watching a show that would feature something like what happened in Richland, if it was murder anyway. I don't think that's the case here necessarily, but I am looking forward to more information coming out from the Richland police department. I am really interested in forensics and how crimes that go unsolved are eventually figured out by some very smart detectives...and science. I don't know that that's the case here though, as this seems simply sad since it looks like one of the occupants has some mental illness issues. Richland police were requested to do a welfare check on a residence recently and found a dead person inside with the other person just hanging out, I guess. According to the information that is out so far, it is possible that the dead person may have been deceased for a while. Can you imagine living in a house with a dead person? I know RPD is making sure that the survivor in this situation is receiving the help they need. Click HERE to see the post from RPD regarding this matter on Facebook.



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