It's not exactly a Gallup poll, mind you, nor Rasmussen. But it's been fun to see results.

Late last week, we asked the poll question, should you clean your BBQ/grill after each use, clean it only at end of the season, or NEVER clean it at all.

Some folks believe leaving the charred remains adds flavor, others (including some chefs) say the burning residue adds a distasteful smoke flavor to the food. As for sanitation, multiple sources we looked at said the heat and fire of the BBQ (whether gas or briquets) will incinerate any germs on there, so that's a moot point.

So far, you folks in the area are exactly divided 3 ways.  Give or take a percentage point, the answers are as follows-results:

Do You Clean the BBQ After Each Use:

  • Yes, every time (33 percent)
  • No, the gunk adds flavor!  (33 percent)
  • I clean it End of Summer (33 percent)
  • Never Cleaned it, Never Will (-0- percent)

We're kind of surprised that nobody went for option 4, but in all honestly, most of us have cleaned it at least once or twice.

Thanks for your participation in this, and until next time, may all your outdoor cooking be delicious and full of good summer calories! IF you haven't voted yet, you can still cast your opinion by clicking here for the story.


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