According to King County authorities, a major prostitution ring has been smashed, one that regularly offered the world's oldest profession in Kennewick and Richland as well as dozens of other cities.

Originating out of some apartments in Kent, WA near Seattle, the defendants were arrested after a lengthy sting operation. Other areas included Seattle, Bellevue, Renton and Federal Way.

According to the Kent Reporter online, six people oversaw the operation, although more arrests could be coming. The Reporter says using apartments, hotels and other 'meeting' places, service calls were set up through a website called It's a service similar to Craigslist.

Four of the defendants are from Seattle, one from New York and one from Renton. The ring was rather large, with workers being 'utilized' not just in Washington, but across the West. Some of the stops included Kennewick and Richland.

Officials say the widespread network included people who set up the services, collected the money, and saw that the prostitutes traveled to the necessary locations. One official said the structure reminded him of a 'corporation.'

No word if any pending arrests looming for Tri-Citians who may have utilized or been involved in the services.

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