Shortly after releasing their July call totals, Kennewick police broke down what the calls pertained to.

Now, this is not an exact to the letter list, there are a handful of bizarre calls left out. But this gives you a general idea of why people are calling either 911 or the non-emegency dispatch. Here's the list:

413-Suspicious Persons/Circumstances
205-Fireworks Complaints
174-Thefts Reports
64-Assaults Cases
62-Narcotic Complaints
55-Missing Person/Runaway Report

We found the number of suspicious persons-circumstances to be higher than we expected, the number of fireworks complaints were not.  Drug issues appeared to be just about as high as assaults, and we were surprised by the high number of missing persons and runaways.  Nearly as much as the narcotic calls. That number is kind of disturbing, especially the 'missing persons.'

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