You probably don't know about this yet, but the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board wants to make Inslee's emergency powers they've been given permanent.

In a document filed April 14 of this year, the LCB lays out their reasons for wanting their 'emergency' powers to be made permanent.

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They want the use of what's called 'summary license suspension' and other powers to never go away.  According to the document, their argument for this is as follows:

"At this point, it is impossible to know precisely when the state of emergency as a result of COVID-19 will end. Given the uncertainty about the duration of the current state of emergency and the possibility of future states of emergency, the WSLCB is considering permanent rulemaking to create summary license suspension and petition for stay provisions that would allow for enforcement of Governor’s proclamations. The ability to use summary license suspension and petition for stay provisions to enforce Governor’s proclamations will support efforts to preserve public health and safety."

Public safety?

The document is officially titled WSR 21-09-041.  If you wish to voice your opinion against this, see below for how to do it.  If LCB is granted this permanent emergency power, they can summarily (without normal due process) pull licenses from and shut down bars, restaurants or other eating establishments...and it would be done under the guise of "public safety."

Here's how to voice your opinion:

Create a letter, or email, saying how you oppose WSR 21-09-041.  It can be faxed or emailed using the information here:

Email comments to the LCB at:
Or faxed to: (360) 704-5027.  (data courtesy of Benton County Republican Party of Washington state).  
  The deadline, we are told, is June 4.

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