Following the sad death of Rush Limbaugh, Newstalk870 like many stations around the county, including AM 770 KTTH in Seattle, added the fiery Dan Bongino.

A long-time fixture as a guest on Fox News, and as a fill-in on the Mark Levin Show, Bongino was the most added 'replacement' for the Limbaugh spot.

However, recently, he's been in a standoff with Cumulus Broadcasting, who also syndicates a number of other radio hosts, conservative talk radio.

Bongino (Cumulus)
Bongino (Cumulus)

The battle began Oct. 18th, when stories began to circulate about workers pushing back against Cumulus' mandatory vaccine policy. Several talk show hosts have been displaced, and Bongino (whom himself is fully vaccinated due in part to his successful battle with cancer) decided enough was enough. When some of his on-air friends were booted or reassigned, he drew a line in the sand.

Since then, the end of the week of Oct. 18th, he has been in re-run mode.

Part of a statement he released said this, via Inside Radio Monday Nov. 1st:

“My battle with Cumulus continues. I will not be on the air again today, (and the behind-the-scenes drama) “is getting really ugly... I wish it weren’t, there is an easy way out of this,” he continued. “They [Cumulus Media] refuse to take it, which is just insane, so I am going to have to develop some alternate plans here. I’ll keep you updated on that but I will not be live on the air again today.”--(Inside Radio).

We do hear he is developing what reports say are "alternative plans."  Not sure what that means.

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We are not sure what happens next, we continue to monitor the situation, and appreciate your patience.

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