We sent a letter to his communications people asking direct question (TVW)
We sent a letter to his communications people asking direct question (TVW)










Recently Nevada announced their 'official' date for lifting their COVID state of emergency is going to be this coming Friday, May 20th.

 When will WA state lift ours?

With that news, Washington state is now the only one in the U.S. that either has not lifted or ended its COVID state of emergency or at least set an official date as to when it will go away.

Nevada was the last previous holdout besides us.

In the past, Inslee has been vague, evasive about it. A number of months ago when numbers will still being bandied about (COVID cases) he made remarks that insinuated he was the only person in the state of WA who was capable of "saving lives" by which he obviously meant his emergency order.

  We emailed Mike Faulk, Deputy Communications Director-Press Secretary

We've had some listeners reach out to us about this after we reported last week on the news out of Nevada, so we thought, why not?

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Monday, May 16th, we sent an email to Faulk asking if any date has been set or if any announcement is coming about lifting the state of emergency;  or if an announcement about such date is coming.

Faulk has responded to us the few times we've reached out with questions, we will see what happens.


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