The Tri-Cities is a mix of yes and no when it comes to fireworks on the 4th. But that doesn't stop many from doing them anyway.

According to KEPR-TV Action News,  Tri-City area police responded to at least 70 calls about illegal or misuse of fireworks in the area.

Officials told KEPR that's the number of calls Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday they were able to actually respond to. Sometimes, they were able to address multiple calls in one location.  The actual number of calls was probably several times that.

These figures also don't include 4th of July evening.  However, one certain type of firework accounted for about half of all the calls and responses. Mortars,  the ones that either emit just a deafening artillery-like boom when they explode, or also shoot off various colored displays. Those by far drew the most complaints, and are usually considered the ones that scare dogs and pets the most.

Fireworks are illegal in all of Franklin County, also banned in Kennewick. However they are legal in Benton County, including Richland and West Richland.


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