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The National Insurance Crime Bureau is a data collection and information group, that track various types of crime, and are activists nationally for crime-prevention efforts.

 The NICB says one Pacific Northwest city is in top ten for auto theft

According to data from 2019-2021 reports (the most recent comprehensive available) we have a metro area in the PNW that made the NICB's hot spot list.

Seattle-Tacoma landed at #9 due to increases between 2019 and the end of 2021, which is about six months after the new police 'reform' package went into effect (doing away with most pursuits, including stolen vehicles).

The NICB ranks WA state 6th in auto theft, behind only Colorado, DC, CA, New Mexico, and Oregon(!).

 WA saw its car theft rates per 100K residents rise from just over 268 to 461 during that period. That means for every 100K of population, there are at least 461 auto thefts during the recorded annual period.

Oregon's rates went from 385 per 100K to 471 during the same period.

Which metro area is on the top 10 list?

Seattle-Tacoma landed at 9, while the Portland-Hillsboro-Vancouver WA area came in at number 5.

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Seattle Tacoma's theft per 100K of population rate rose from just over 465 to 582. And, looking at data from the first 9 months of 2022, nationally, at least 745,000 vehicle thefts had been reported, and the rates continue to rise as well in WA and OR.


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