A new study conducted by the website Playbuzz.com shows who their voters named as the most annoying fan bases in the NFL.  Playbuzz is a national pop culture website that allows people to make their own polls, quizzes and lists.

According to Q13Fox TV, well over 60,000 people voted in the survey, and the results came out like this:

  1.  Seattle Seahawks, with 8,000 votes
  2.  New England - a very close second, with 7,800
  3.  Dallas Cowobys - 7,300
  4.  Steelers - 4,300
  5.  Eagles - 4,600

Others making the top ten included (yes!) my Green Bay Packers, Raiders, Jets, Niners and Saints.

As for the bottom, teams who's fans don't get the attention of anyone, the lowest three were (30) The Jacksonville Jaguars, (31) Arizona Cardinals, and (32) Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Incidentally, Q13Fox TV is the Fox Network affiliate in Seattle-Tacoma.


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