If you want a glimpse inside the mind of a psychotic killer, read on.

As was referenced Friday by Rush Limbaugh, the one BIG thing the media are ignoring about Christopher Dorner is the 20-page manifesto he left on Facebook.

The former Los Angeles policeman who's accused of killing at least three people is a far-left extremist who loves such figures as CNN's Piers Morgan, Obama, and is avidly in favor of strict gun control.

When Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in Arizona,  the media somehow blamed Rush and Sarah Palin -- even though the killer admitted he'd never heard of either of them. But when a leftist, pro-Obama, pro-gun control man goes on a shooting spree, the media are quiet. The Facebook manifesto he posted pretty much destroys the media's idea that psychotic killers are conservatives, or influenced by them.

The search for the fugitive who is considered very dangerous has focused on the Big Bear area of California where schools in the region have been closed, and citizens warned to stay inside.

Courtesy of weazelzippers.com, we have posted some excerpts from Dorner's rantings on Facebook. Because it contains NSFW language, we ask you click on the button below to read them.

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