Pasco police were able to corral an elusive driver who was speeding around early Wednesday morning.

When you're driving on a suspended license, you might NOT want to be burning up the streets at 4:15 in the morning.

Police responded to a report of a black Honda tearing it up near Oregon Ave. and 'A' street, and gave chase. The driver, 22-year-old Rosalio Lara Alcarzar Jr, led police on a brief pursuit, but then tried to bail from his moving car.

Police said he was able to dump the car near the intersection of Helena and Owen, but nearly got run over by the rear wheel as he tumbled out. He ran into an alley, but police quickly surrounded the area and he was captured. He was a passenger in another car that was trying to leave the area.

Turns out he was driving on a suspended license, and is now facing possible felony charges for eluding. If you fail to stop for police, say officers, while driving recklessly, it becomes a felony. Perhaps he should have thought of that before getting behind the wheel.

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