For the last two years, Kennewick has made the National Top 10 list of best places to Trick or Treat during Halloween - I'm curious if Kennewick can make the Top 10 list for a 3rd year in a row.

Kennewick placed 3rd last year in a Top 10 list compiled by a website called Smart Asset. The website looks at 7 metrics to best decide the Top 10 cities and towns to Trick or Treat in. Kennewick also placed 4th on the list in 2016.

Some of the metrics that decide our fate in the Top 10 list is data for population density, percent of residents under the age of 15, home values, violent and property crime rates, precipitation and temperature.

Here's what the website wrote about us last year

3. Kennewick, Washington

Like in Nampa, there is little chance of rain ruining the trick-or-treating in Kennewick. Kennewick should also have a large contingent going trick-or-treating, over 25% of residents here are under the age of 15.

One concern may be housing density. Kennewick has the third-lowest single-family housing density in our top 10. This may mean you need to cover a lot of ground if you want to get all your favorite candy.

The list hasn't been revealed yet this year but I'm thinking that Kennewick has a good chance of making the list again. You can check the Smart Asset website for yourself and check out the other Top 9 cities for Trick or Treating.

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