You've seen the picture of the pallet... get ready to win your share of it with Newstalk and Pepsi Cola Bottling!

Just how does that happen? Newstalk 870 will be selecting six winners from our Facebook friends, who will each receive five fridge packs (12 cans) of the new DOC Dr. Pepper. Trust us, we went through our fridge pack at work in about two days. It's good, and it's FREE!

How do you win? If you're not a friend on Facebook, or haven't clicked "Like," go there now (click here!) Once you've done that, get ready. We will do a random drawing next Thursday, April 12, and notify the five lucky winners. Spring is here (despite the weather) and it's time for some warm weather relief -- OK, stop laughing, really! Hey, it's GREAT soda and you could win your share with Newstalk 870 on Facebook.

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