After looking at information from court documents, it appears likely the Richland Winco Foods shooting suspect could be getting a psych evaluation.

Authorities say 45-year-old Mathew McQuin of Umatilla told police he shot the victim Monday because he thought she was following him and was going to spray him with 'some kind of chemical.'  He also told officers there were people 'out to get him' and she was one of 'them.'

The incident report indicates the victim may very well have survived because of a weapon malfunction. As McQuin aimed the gun at the woman's head in the busy store around 6:40pm, it malfunctioned. He brought it in closer to work on the gun, fired one shot towards her head and struck her.

She was able to flee from the store, while surveillance video shows him laying his gun down on a checkout counter and sitting on a bench waiting for police to arrive.

He is still being held in the Benton County jail without bond.

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