This is the kind of thing that may make you want to do some drugs, so if you have any, you may want to go ahead and do that, then watch the video. Okay, all set?

Now let's talk about what happens here. We'll be honest: we didn't even really know what a "wingsuit" was. (We do try to keep up with the latest trends, but fashion sure does move fast.) We are quite familiar, though, with GoPro, so we gave this clip a chance. And we do not regret it.

Everyone who's ever seen a James Bond movie knows how beautiful the mountains in Switzerland are (even if they tend to be a bit more snow-covered and feature oddly underdressed women), but we can't say we've ever really grasped the scenery quite like this.

In case you were wondering, the guy in the video is named Brandon Mikesell. The mountains are in Walenstadt, Switzerland.

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