Assault suspect (KPD)
Assault suspect (KPD)

Has to be a little frustrating for Kennewick Police

This guy accused of assaulting a loss prevention officer

Thursday evening, this suspect pictured allegedly tried to walk out of the Kennewick Safeway on Kennewick Ave. with a variety of items without paying.

When confronted by store security, he allegedly assaulted the worker, and took their cellphone. He then fled the store.

 Witnesses filmed the incident

This image came from store security footage. However, Police say several witnesses filmed the incident but none of them have come forward or offered to share the videos with authorities.

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Anyone who may have video of this crime, you're urged to contact Kennewick Police at (509)-628-0333. The videos might help in the identification of this suspect.

Numerous law enforcement Facebook pages have contained posts reminding people that filming an incident or posting information about a crime is not reporting it. They need to actually notify the appropriate branch of law enforcement.


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