Talk about brave...or really stupid.

A 23-year-old woman is in jail after allegedly stealing a car from a vehicle from a Sunnyside car dealer, as it was parked right in front of the main showroom window!

According to the Sunnyside Daily News, Vitalina Montoya Farias jumped into the 2012 Jeep Wrangler as it sat idling on the lot at SunTown Motors on 16th. street Sunday evening.  The dealership owner, Monem Nassar, said the car was left there while a would-be customer was done with a test drive.

Farias allegedly drove off, and Nassar recognized her as she was driving away, because she is a cousin of one of his good friends!  Later, Farias was seen driving the vehicle later that night and after initially refusing to stop, was pulled over and arrested.

She was booked into jail and charged with 2nd Degree taking a motor vehicle without permission, and third degree driving with a suspended license.

Nassar said he did NOT give her permission to take the vehicle, she obviously just decided she needed it!

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