Driver done in by stick shift (YouTube video still image, DirtFish on youtube)
Driver done in by stick shift (YouTube video still image, DirtFish on youtube)

It's not every day that a would-be vehicle thief gets stymied by old-school technology.

Vehicle thief was done in by stickshift

The  Benton County Sheriff's Department is reporting Monday that a suspect only identified as "Mr. Cook" was not able to complete his theft of a truck because he didn't know how to drive a stick shift.

Sunday night, Deputies responded to a report of a stolen vehicle in Kennewick on West Arrowhead Ave, north of Lithia Motors on Canal and south of Highway 240.

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Upon arrival, officers quickly located the truck a few blocks away on Yellowstone Ave, and Mr. Cook was still behind the wheel. He had not gotten very far because he couldn't keep the truck running. Turns out besides the multiple vehicle theft charges Mr. Cook is also facing mail theft charges and has an open case out of the Finley area for allegedly eluding Law Enforcement.

Chalk on up for old-school auto tech. Just in case you need a refresher, here is a complete tutorial on how to drive a stick shift, courtesy of a contributor known as DirtFish on YouTube.


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