No idea where this will end up, but two prominent Eastern WA House of Representative members have filed a bill that would split us off from the West side, creating the 51st. State in the Union, to be called "Liberty."

Reps. Matt Shea (Spokane) and Bob McCaslin who both represent the rapidly growing Spokane Valley area, filed House Bill 1509 which would (upon Congressional approval) create a 51st. state in the Union, by the name of "Liberty."

The bill is the latest in a growing sentiment among Eastern Washington legislators and citizens, who feel they are being run over by controversial legislation and taxing by the West side.

It's no secret that the voting and political block in King, Snohomish, and Pierce Counties decides what flies and what doesn't in our state. For example, with I-522, legalized pot, it was defeated in all but 2 counties on the East side, by margins of about 60-40 percent. This, plus reckless spending and environmental agendas by Gov. Inslee have stretched patience thin.

West side legislators have also stepped up efforts to attack gun rights in the state, much to the dismay of the East side.

The proposed state of Liberty would be split alongside the Cascades roughly, with the western borders of Okanogan, Chelan, Kittittas, Yakima, and Klickitat Counties serving as the dividing line between Liberty and Washington.

Previous efforts have not gotten this far, there have been grass roots efforts, including a Seattle man who started a petition in 2015, but it's been a while since actual legislators have officially filed such an idea.

For this to happen, it would have to go through Congress, approved by votes of the House and Senate, in what is called the Admissions Clause of the Constitution etc.


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