Some are saying this was pretty good for a mid-term election but when you think about it, C is not really the greatest grade.

According to the most updated information posted on both the Benton and Franklin County auditors-election sites, just over 45 percent of Benton county and just over 49 percent of Franklin County eligible voters cast their ballots.

In some years, mid-term (non-Presidential) election campaigns have seen voter turnout as low as 35-37 percent. But in general, these figures represent about a C average or even C-. That's pathetic.

But, we can't really feel that bad. Here are the election turnouts for some other Eastern Washington counties:

  • Whitman  28%
  • Adams  44%
  • Grant   50%
  • Yakima 22% (really?!?)
  • Walla Walla county 41%

King County had 60% turnout, but Snohomish County only 44%.    If Eastern Washington residents are going to 'buck' the trend of having legislation 'shoved' upon us, the voter turnout rates are going to need to rise considerably to offset the West side population.  Had we seen 50-60 percent turnouts in all these Eastern WA counties, perhaps some of the results would have been different.


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