A bit happens here, some over there, but overall, the momentum behind a possible 51st. state in the U.S. appears to have more traction than it ever has.

The idea of splitting off Eastern Washington from the west side, and creating a new state called "Liberty" is nothing new.  Some ideas would include Eastern Oregon, and even part of Idaho. But the core idea of splitting the Evergreen state has been around for years.

Most of it is due to the increasingly liberal and even shocking policies heavy handed to the entire state because of controversial political leaders, and voting block between King, Snohomish and Pierce counties that allows them to overrun the rest of the state due to their population.

But now, another political leader has apparently thrown their support behind the idea. Rep. Matt Shea of Spokane has even put up proposed maps of such a state on his legislative website. It's for the purpose of informing people of what's going on with the movement. Petitions have been circulated, events taken place, and over the last five and especially 2 years, momentum is going faster than ever.

Now an idea like this would require Congressional approval, but with each legislative session, Eastern Washington residents become more and more dissatisfied with policies, taxes and other restrictions to their rights coming out of Olympia.

Last week, a bake sale and informational event was held in the City of Spokane Valley to raise funds for the movement, and well over 200 people were in attendance.  The latest proposal for the "State of Liberty" would include Eastern Washington, Eastern Oregon, Idaho and parts of Montana. She and other supporters say the movement is an outgrowth of people frustrated with the attacks on freedom, Christianity and other rights.


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