Perhaps gaining momentum from the recent 'occupation' of a six block area of Seattle by anarchists, protesters and rioters in Seattle, House Rep. Matt Shea says he wants the proposal to create a 51st. state put before voters.

Over the weekend, Matt Shea attended a large gathering in Couer D' Alene ID where he spoke about wanting to the put the 'State of Liberty' before voters.

The rally was a large event, featuring many prominent Northwest leaders in the freedom and/or Patriot movement.

The idea of creating a 51st. state has been around for a number of years, in 2015, 2017 and 2019 Shea sponsored legislation out of the House to try to start the process. There have been various geographical 'plans' for what this 51st state would look like, but basically it would divide WA at the Cascades, and possibly include North Idaho and Eastern Oregon. The legislation did not make it out of the Democrat controlled house.

Despite different geographical makeup, the name has always been "Liberty."  Now, Shea says he's going to try to enable WA state voters to cast their ballots on the idea. As for specific details on how that would happen, he did not say over the weekend, but did insinuate it could come either via the Legislature or perhaps an Initiative or Referendum.

The idea of a 51st. state is largely fueled by growing resentment of Eastern WA voters who believe state government in OIympia does not listen or respond to citizens needs or opinions, outside of King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties.

Earlier this year, Douglas County OR officials said they had more than twice enough signatures to ask voters to start the process of 'seceding' from that state and joining Idaho. That too would be long haul, requiring legislative approval, then being allowed by a majority of states in Congress.

Shea (R) has been re-elected four times to the House of of the 4th Legislative District, which is Spokane Valley.

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