The faltering cable news network again stepped in a steaming pile of...their own insensitivity.

You won't be able to see it now because it's been pulled, but Wednesday night their Twitter account contained a post about Cheerio's Super Bowl Commercial that had mixed-race families flooding their account with angry responses.

The Cheerios ad features a biracial family sitting around the table eating their breakfast food.  According to MSNBC, it's the same basic ad that they claim set off a "conservative" backlash last year - but it actually didn't.

The Tweet led off with the phrase: "Maybe the right-wing will hate it, but everyone else with go 'awww'..the adorable #Cheerios ad w/ bi-racial family."    Immediately, the network was besieged with tens of thousands of tweets from mixed race families including Hispanic, African-American, Asian, white and other nationalities who said they were conservative and how dare MSNBC slander them!   Glenn Beck's The Blaze website listed many of them.     Other posters pointed out how MSNBC made fun of Mitt Romney's recent picture of the adopted black toddler who is his grandson.   The response even created it's own viral hashtag:  #MyRightWingBiracialFamily.

Soon afterwards, the network removed the tweet and apologized.  The original is shown below:


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