fatal shooting near Toppenish (Google street view maps)
fatal shooting near Toppenish (Google street view maps)

The Yakima County Sheriff's Office will be handling a fatal shooting investigation that occurred  Wednesday near Toppenish.

   An argument between two women led to the shooting

According to the Yakima County Sheriff's Department  Public Information Officer Casey Schilperoot, they were advised of the incident around 4:30 PM.

It took place in the 1600 block of Chambers Road, which is a semi-rural area about two miles southeast of Toppenish, and a mile or so west of Granger.

Schilperoot says two women were arguing, it apparently escalated to the point where one of them fatally shot the other.

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Information is still begin gathered, but the YCSO says it's been decided they will be the investigating agency despite the deceased woman being an enrolled member of a "federally recognized" Indian reservation.

Usually, crimes on reservation land or incidents involving official tribal members are handled by federal agencies, such as the FBI.

More information is expected soon.

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