A Yakima funeral home has begun a new offering to clients who've lost a loved one. They can now keep some of that person's actual DNA.

With all the advances in DNA technology, you've seen the ads for 23 And Me on TV, now DNA from your departed one can be swabbed, and saved in a process called cystalization.

Shaw and Sons in Yakima now offer this service, and the remarkable part is, the DNA can be re-activated. If liquid is added, during a certain procedure, the DNA again becomes viable, and could be used for testing, geneology purposes and more.

The DNA could also be used for health reasons, to allow younger family members learn about potential health situations or physical family traits that are passed on through generations.

It's not just for the departed, if you wish, you can arrange to have this process done when you pass on as well.

Some scientists and futurists say perhaps one day, DNA can be used to 'recreate' those who have passed away, and people won't have to go through the pain of losing family members or friends.  Critics say some DNA capabilities are cause for concern, as mankind was never meant to re-create exact 'copies' of those who have passed.

For now though, this will likely become a popular way for people to keep part of someone they treasured when they pass on.



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