Crimes occur that make you wonder if the perpetrator is even capable of dressing themselves and walking, they're that stupid.

Kennewick police reported Wednesday morning a mother shopping with her toddler dropped her keys in the parking lot. A woman who arrived in another vehicle picked them up and drove off in the woman's car! The car contained the mom's only car seat, Fred Meyer donated one so she could get her child home. Police gave her a ride.

Then came the mother of all stupid crimes. Police report the female suspect, 22-year-old Crystal Hale, actually returned to Fred Meyer Thursday evening and shoplifted.

Apparently she's done it before because Kennewick police referred to her theft as occurring "again."  Loss prevention officers quickly surrounded her, and it was discovered she was the woman who took the mother's car.

As seen in these pictures, she obviously didn't take very good care of it in the short time she had it. Police said the dog, who was NOT an accomplice, was turned over to someone who "will care for it."

Hale is in the Benton County jail on a variety of charges, and will no doubt be torched on social media for her thoughtless crime.

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