A new study says throw out your perceptions of what you think makes a teen a distracted driver.

According to a University of Alabama study that was featured by Pemco Insurance, outgoing teens with even 'loud' personalities who always talk and never seem to stop moving are perceived be the most distracted drivers, while those who are conscientious and dependable are not.

But that's not so, says the study.  Researchers say teens who are dependable, conscientious and more reserved have a greater sense of obligation. That often leads to them responding quickly to messages or incoming calls on their phone. Their desire to accomplish tasks and be reliable unfortunately carries over to phone use behind the wheel. The study showed such teens have significantly higher phone use while driving.

The study also said teens who are sometimes seen as less 'like an adult' tend to use their phone less in cars because they're more busy interacting and socializing with others in the vehicle.

Either way through, parents are urged, says the study, to reinforce to their teens to leave the multi-tasking to the classroom and pay close attention to what's in front of the windshield.

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