According to the 'experts' who've been tracking this data for decades, there will likely be a lot more people taking short vacations and traveling for Labor Day, as gas prices will be some of the lowest in years.

AAA says although national gas prices went up six cents last week to an average of $2.22 for regular unleaded, they're still 27 cents lower than Labor Day of 2015.  News sources say crude oil prices have been dropping, and there's been little disruption in refinery production. While prices are starting to inch upward, there's no reason to believe they will skyrocket anytime soon, but the fuel markets are volatile and things can change quickly.

But for now, enjoy some low fuel prices. According to,  as of Tuesday August 30, the lowest prices in the Mid-Columbia ranged between $2.36 and 2.39 per gallon at a number of retail locations.

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