The first of many parts of the Special Investigations Unit study of the Antonio Zambrano fatal shooting in Pasco in February were released to the public today, and had some startling revelations.

Zambrano, who had previous altercations with police and known drug use, was fatally shot after throwing rocks at cars, passers-by and eventually police near the intersection of 10th and Lewis in Pasco.  His death triggered an investigation by law enforcement outside of the Pasco police department, called the SIU - special investigations unit.

Among the information released today included witness reports of Zambrano telling police, "Shoot me, Kill me." Witness Chris Pirtle, who was waiting at a stop light before entering the Fiesta Foods parking lot, told police the officers continued to tell Zambrano to stop throwing rocks and comply with their commands.  Pirtle said he saw Zambrano throw some "pretty good sized" rocks at officers, and he advanced towards them as if he were going to throw more.

Pirtle then said Zambrano across the street towards the bakery on Lewis, turned around. Pirtle said he saw a "good-sized" rock in his hands, and that's when he heard the shots.  Zambrano had apparently been picking up rocks from landscaping in the area.

Several cellphone videos examined by police show various stages of Zambrano throwing rocks at police before he was shot.  Police audio was also heard to say "Code 3, he's throwing rocks at us."  A Tazer was also used to try to subdue him, but didn't work. He then ran across the street.  A police dash cam video shows Zambrano hurling a large rock towards an officer who is pointing what appears to be a Tazer.

The information has been posted on the SIU website, and can be accessed by the public.  More information is expected to be released as officials wade through over 60 pages compiled by the SIU.

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