Being a flight attendant is an incredibly hard job. Yeah, they mostly hand out drinks and collect garbage, but they're also prepared to restart your heart, deliver your baby, and help you keep your head if the plane crashes into the ocean. But they're people too, and these 13 things topped the list after an international survey asking for their biggest pet peeves:

Masturbation underneath the in-flight blanket.

Passengers hard-core flirting with the attendants (seriously trying to get a phone number or join the mile-high club) while they're working.

People who leave trash in the pouch or anywhere else around their seat. The attendants walk back and forth trying to get all your trash for several minutes. They don't have time to check all the pouches for banana peels and dirty diapers!

Women who use the "freshening towels" on long flights to clean their private parts.

People who think the attendants skipped them for drink orders. Be patient -- I know how to do my job!

People who are completely clueless when asked for their drink order. You didn't hear my elephant-sized cart rolling down the aisle for 10 minutes while I asked everyone on the flippin' plane what they'd like to drink?!

Messing up your meal tray after eating on long flights. It's designed to go back just the way it came to you!

Pressing the "call attendant" button for anything besides a semi-emergency.

Talking to a flight attendant while they're obviously counting passengers.

Wanting special attention exiting the plane because you have a short window for your connecting flight. Get a travel agent, buddy.

Not paying attention during the safety demo -- and worse -- having a loud, distracting conversation during the safety demo.

Not saying please and thank you.

Changing a baby's diaper (especially bare butt) on the fold-down tray. People eat on that tray!

[SOURCE: Reddit]



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