Warden school threat (GCSO)
Warden school threat (GCSO)

Grant County Deputies and Warden Police continue to investigate, and classes were held as usual Friday.

  A 13-year-old student was determined to be the source of the threat

According to the Grant County Sheriff's Office,  threats against the Warden School District were reported to them Thursday night.  Officials did not specify what they were, a release from the School District said they were non-specific.

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Regardless, officials began an immediate investigation, and say a 13-year-old student is the primary suspect. The GCSO and Warden Police say they have made contact with the student and his parents, and do not believe the threat was credible.

However, although classes in the District in the small town 16 miles southeast of Moses Lake went on, as usual, Friday, there was added Deputy and Police presence at the District's 3 schools (1 elementary, 1 middle, and the high school).

Authorities did not say where the threat was first noticed or originated from.

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