Gavin Seim, who is competing with at least three other candidates to fill the House position to be vacated at the end of the year by Doc Hastings, has picked up the endorsement of one of the most fiery and outspoken former Washington legislators.   This former legislator's story is a fascinating read, especially for his attention-getting career.

Seim, who hails from Ephrata, has been endorsed by former Senator Harold Hochstatter, who was never known for not expressing strong opinions on political subjects.

Hochstatter, who retired from the legislature in 2002 after 12 years as a member of the House, then Senate,  said the following in his endorsement of Seim:

 "We have a congress of legislative eunuchs. It's time to fix that with courage in the heart and fire in the belly. Gavin Seim is a man that will take that head on"


Seim, a young businessman who has been actually pursuing the 4th Congressional seat since last December,  plans an online town-hall meeting on Thursday, February 27th.    Seim is a very pro-constitutional conservative candidate, with a very grass-roots citizen oriented campaign.    It's perhaps not a surprise he's picked up the endorsement of Hochstatter, who said this upon his own retirement from the legislature:

"I came away with an intense disdain for the system...Government is the wrong tool for just about any task."

During his tenure in the legislature, Hochstatter proposed legislation that would have outlawed the teaching of evolution, would have allowed teachers to carry guns in the classroom,  and would have brought Bible teaching and prayers to schools.   But his open, honest and thoughtful (if blunt) style actually endeared him to both sides of the aisle in Olympia.   Fellow legislators never had a doubt where he stood, and he earned a reputation as a man of his word.

In a story about Hochstatter's retirement in March of 2002, included this summation of his career:

"You had conservative, ultra conservative, then you had Genghis Kahn and
you had Harold Hochstatter," joked Selah's Republican Rep.  Jim
Clements.  "Harold could take some positions that most of us wouldn't touch."

Fresh off this attention-getting endorsement, Seim plans the online town-hall meeting for 7:05 pm Thursday.   You can find out more about it online.