According to several medical professional surveys, the five worst health New Year's resolutions you can make are (and why):

  • "I want to eat healthier."    The reason this won't work is because unless you know what kind of healthy eating is best for you, you'll be 'shooting into the dark.' Check with your doctor (physical) and have them recommend what works well for you. Unless you know what foods are good or 'bad' how will you know what to eat?
  • "Deciding that losing weight means having to restrict foods."   Instead, consider changing behaviors that lead to eating unhealthy foods.  For example, eating on the run or in a hurry too often means fast food. Change that. Often, lifestyles and behaviors dictate what we consume. Pay attention, even write it down in a log and then examine.
  • "Taking all sorts of 'new' vitamins and supplements to get healthy."   their effects won't last all day necessarily, and what your body doesn't need it just disposes of. And some can actually be harmful if not taken correctly. Again, get with your doctor. Vitamins and supplements for their own sake are worthless.
  • "Having a vague exercise goal."   This would be like 'I want exercise more.'  Instead, focus your goal. "I am going to walk around the block every day at ___ time."  Or "I am going to join the gym and go at 7AM weekdays to get stronger." Focused goals are visible. Set goals for weight lifting, or running--whatever you like best.  On paper.  You will benefit as much from the regular habit as the actual exercise. Regular exercise that's solid is better than infrequent 'blasting' at the gym.
  • "I am going to stop smoking cold turkey." If that's an issue you want to tackle, see your doctor. A wide variety of tobacco cessation programs are out there. It's not the smoking it's the nicotine addiction. Unless you're Chuck Norris, cold turkey almost never works, and often it's replaced by another addition that may not be much better. See your doctor about how to effectively stop puffing.

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