My son lives in Clarkston Washington and when he was a teenager, we had our b-weekly road trips back and forth from the Tri-Cities to Clarkston. 

We'd stop at the Dayton Mechantile for lunch. We'd grab a few sandwiches, a Pepsi, and an Idaho Spud (one of my favorite candy bars) but on a special occasion, we'd hit another Dayton eatery that doesn't get enough credit.

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You wouldn't think a small town could have such a hidden gem but then again, it wouldn't be a hidden gem if it wasn't off the beaten path a bit.

One Of The Best Places To Eat In Dayton Washington

Ray's Drive-in is right along Highway 12 in Dayton and you can't miss it because of its unique A-shaped building.

What Type Of Food Does Ray's Drive-In In Dayton Serve

It's like going through a time-warp at Ray's Drive-In. The coolest thing is the old fashioned menu on display

credit: yelp
credit: yelp

It reminds you of the great burger joints of yesteryear where the taste of the food matters more than the building it's located in.

credit: yelp
credit: yelp

Ray's even has a huge selection of shakes and malts.

Where Can I Find A Good Milkshake In Dayton Washington?

One man did discover this delicious little paradise and decided to video his trip to Dayton and give you his opinion of this hole-in-the-wall restaurant.

Mike Morgan is known for his Time Travel Youtube channel and he traveled to Ray's Drive-In and gave his review of this Dayton hidden gem.

Ray's Drive-Inn In Dayton Is A Popular Roadside Burger Joint

He posted on the You Know You're From Tri-Cities When Facebook page and it's looks like the secret is out as the page was flooded with lots of Ray's Drive-In fans.

credit: facebook
credit: facebook

I'm sure many travelers have discovered Rays on their way to Ski Bluewood but if you haven't eaten at Ray's, mark it on your list for the next time you drive through Dayton Washington.

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