This is an example of NOT letting obstacles stand in your way, when it comes to pursuing your passions!

Saturday, July 2nd, make sure you're at GESA Stadium, because at 6:15pm there will be a special baseball game and dinner to benefit the Edith Bishel Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired, just before the Dust Devils game vs. Everett.

The Dust Devils will be playing the Beep Baseball Team from Seattle. They're a team of blind and visually impaired athletes, and Beep Baseball is incredible. The Seattle South King Sluggers compete in the National Beep Baseball Association.

The National Beep Baseball Association was founded in 1976 to give blind and visually impaired athletes an opportunity to play baseball. The game uses spotters, who vocally help the six infielders, catcher and pitcher locate the ball.  The players who are not impaired at blindfolded, so the Dust Devils players will wear those! Pictured below is one of the Beep athletes at the World Series they stage every year.

Beep Baseball World Series (Beep Baseball website)
Beep Baseball World Series (Beep Baseball website)

The ball, which is oversized like a softball, actually emits a beeping sound, then a steady buzz after it's hit! This sound allows the players to track and locate it, and actually make plays.  Those with visual impairments have incredible hearing senses, and the game is truly a wonderful spectacle to behold.

The special dinner will take place at 6:15 on Dusty's Deck in the right field bleachers, with tickets going for just $25, $20 for kids 4-12, and include Beep Baseball tickets, a buffet dinner, AND upper deck box seats for the Dust Devils-Everett game!

To get your tickets, call 509-735-0699, and to get additional details call the Dust Devils at (509)-545-8789.  Make sure you help out the Edith Bishel Center by getting your tickets! 

The center, located at Hood and Arthur in Kennewick across from Kamiakin High School, helps people of all ages who suffer from blindness and visual impairments. They depend upon your generosity to continue their programs.

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