Here's the latest on those two card skimmer schemes that are sweeping across the state. This story is from Fox TV in Seattle, who originates Washington's Most Wanted TV show:

"Kitsap County Sheriff's detectives and Pasco Police are warning you to be on the lookout for two rings of credit card skimming suspects and are asking for any and all help to identify and locate them. Call 911 if you spot the suspects or the vehicles they are using.

Detectives say they have been very active as recently as a week ago in the Gig Harbor area. Previous cases show some of the suspects involved are Romanian or Lithuanian natives with Hungarian passports and do not have a Driver’s License in any U.S. State. It's possible they are staying at an Airbnb or anhotel.

If you see someone standing at an ATM for a long time, call 911 immediately. The thieves spend up to 15 minutes taking out cash using stolen debit card information.

Pasco Police Det. Julie Lee is also investigating this ring of credit card skimmers."

Below is a picture of the suspect vehicles

two vehicles used in card skimming scheme (Pasco police)
two vehicles used in card skimming scheme (Pasco police)

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