Newly elected Benton County Commissioner Will McKay has wasted no time in pushing for citizens.

Tuesday, during the Commisisioner's meeting, McKay introduced a resolution that would demand the state allow local 'control' over what businesses are opened up. It was written with help from 8th District House Reps Matt Boehnke, Brad Klippert, and several legal experts in our area.

Commissioner Shon Small said during the meeting, which was broadcast online, “People I think are misinterpreting that, if we sign this, then all the sudden we have the executive power to turn around and actually open everything up, and we don’t have that."

McKay countered by saying "that's not what this resolution is about."  It's designed to pressure the state into allowing the county to determine it's own re-openings, working with the BFHD; but allowing local metrics to dictate what's open and not.

It's similar to one passed recently by Yakima County. They're demanding the same flexibility.  Commissioners Small and Jerome Delvin said they agree with McKay's resolution, but wanted more "clarity" in the language. The item has been continued to their next meeting.

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