Like Franklin County Sheriff Jim Raymond on Monday, Benton County Sheriff Jerry Hatcher agrees that much of the Stay At Home lockdown by Gov. Inslee is infringement upon peoples' civil liberties.

TV Station KEPR-19-CBS reached out to Hatcher and asked him what his stance would be, in the wake of Sheriff Raymond announcing he will not enforce the Stay at Home.

Hatcher said he would not enforce the edicts either. Both officials stressed the need for social distancing, and smart careful consideration of the COVID issue, but both agree parts of it infringe upon Constitutional rights and/or civil liberties.

Hatcher, according to the story, didn't specifically mention the Constitution, but did mention civil liberties being infringed upon.

Franklin County Commissioners voted unanimously to utilize a state statute that requires lock downs or shut downs of over 30 days to be 're-approved' or extended by the legislature, which has not happened. Franklin County is open for business. No word on what Benton County Commissioners will do.

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