It still has a hurdle or two before hitting the House floor for a vote, but House Bill 1874 is still alive.  It's being considered by the House Transportation Committee. For a bill to even be referred to the appropriate committee is considered a significant step. This bill would significantly affect whether a person is considered driving drunk or impaired.

Proposed by Democratic House Rep John Lovik of Mill Creek WA, the plan is supported by GOP Tri-City Legislators Brad Klippert and Larry Haler.

The bill would lower the BAC, or blood alcohol content for being legally drunk from .08 to .05, a significant difference. This would apply to the operation of all road vehicles, boats and airplanes, like the original levels and laws do.

The bill also addresses drivers believed to be under the influenced of marijuana, it would set a THC level of concentration at 5.00 or higher for a person who's blood is drawn within two hours after being arrested for alleged impaired driving.

It also says if a person refuses any type of THC or BAC test, they lose their license for one year.

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