Sources and Benton County Court records indicate charges of assault and witness tampering have been filed against Benton County Sheriff Jerry Hatcher.

The charges were filed Wednesday by C. Mark Cipolla, who is a Spokane County Deputy Prosecutor.

Hatcher is facing Fourth Degree Assault, and the witness tampering and both carry domestic violence allegations. The tampering with a witness allegations stem from alleged forced statements and information his wife Monica was made to give Benton County officials related to issues with their marriage and the incident.

A summons was issued for him to make a court appearance, it is set, according to records, for Oct. 23rd.

Spokane County is handling the case due to Benton County wishing to avoid conflict of interest.  Hatcher and his wife separated September 8, Monica  Hatcher filed for divorce ten days later. Her temporary protection order from Oct. 4 was granted by a judge, in it are numerous accusations of verbal and physical assault, including an alleged choking incident in December 2017,.

Hatcher voluntarily surrendered his weapons and concealed permits as stipulated in the court protection order. Hatcher is said to have hired an attorney and cannot comment on the case.

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